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  • What should I expect when I work with Tack & Tuft
    I believe that each piece of furniture is as unique as you are. I offer a customized experience to reflect both your style and your budget. I have experience upholstering many types of furniture, from rehabilitating antiques using Old World methods, to refreshing more modern pieces that need a new style. A typical reupholstery job may entail: Stripping the frame of existing fabric, cushioning, and springs Disassembly, repair, and reassembly of the frame, if necessary Re-tying the springs Installing new padding and cushioning Covering the padding and cushioning with a base layer of muslin Touching up the woodwork Covering with new fabric and trim Pickup and delivery services available for an additional fee Not all pieces will require all the steps outlined above. Total cost is dependent on the amount of labor required to tear down and rebuild the upholstery layers, the types and methods of reupholstery employed, the materials used to cushion and pad the furniture, and, of course, your choice of top fabric. I will work with you to determine the appropriate methods and materials for your piece. During the scoping process, I'll ask you a number of questions about your piece, including your style, how the furniture will be used, and your budget. From there, I'll develop a custom plan for your piece and provide a scope of work and price estimate for your review.
  • How do I get a quote for upholstery services?
    To begin a quote for upholstery services, please contact me via webform or email. If possible, email me a few photos of the piece you would like re-upholstered. A well-lit photo framing the whole piece plus a few detail photos are helpful. I will contact you within 3 business days to discuss next steps and to schedule an in-person estimate. During the scoping process, I'll ask you a number of questions about your piece, including your style, how the furniture will be used, and your budget. After reviewing your needs, I will provide you with a quote outlining the basic project scope, estimated price, payment terms, and timeframe for completion. Upon agreement of the terms, I will work with you to arrange for delivery of your piece(s) to my shop, and work will begin.
  • Is my furniture worth reupholstering, or should I just replace it?"
    It depends. New, factory-produced furniture tends to be made with flimsy frames and cheap materials and generally aren’t made to last. If you have a modern piece that you’d like to reupholster, I’d be happy to inspect it and discuss your options. I understand that some furniture holds sentimental value for our clients and I do my best to accommodate where possible. Older furniture is often higher in quality. Even if yours requires repair, it may be worth it. These pieces are generally made of quality construction and materials and are sometimes even handmade by artisan craftsman. Period furniture pieces still exist because they were well made and have stood the test of time! Will reupholstering save you money? Probably not. Upholstery is a skilled trade and the process is labor intensive. If you’re looking to save a buck, you’re probably better off picking up a piece of gently used furniture. However, if you have a piece with good “bones” and you’re willing to invest some money for a unique, quality product, then reupholstery may be a good option for you. Environmental stewardship is important to me at Tack & Tuft. I hate to see perfectly good furniture head for the landfill just because it’s dirty or out of style. Reupholstery may seem expensive, but when compared to the cost of buying new furniture of inferior quality, the investment may be worth it. And a good, solid piece of furniture with quality upholstery can become a precious heirloom you can pass down to the next generation.
  • Do I bring my own fabric or do you provide it?
    Tack & Tuft partners with over 25 fabric suppliers, so I'm truly a “one-stop-shop” for upholstery services. I know textiles and can help you choose the most appropriate fabric for your furniture and its use. You may bring your own fabric, but please be advised that there is a Customer Owned Material (COM) fee of $15/yard (leather may incur a higher COM fee and is priced per job). I will gladly consult with you regarding the yardage, type of fabric to buy, and storage and transportation methods. All fabrics must meet my requirements. Please note that I do not guarantee COM fabrics or trims bought by the customer.
  • What is your average turnaround time?
    Turnaround times will depend on the size and scope of your project and our current job queue at the shop. I will provide estimated timeframes as part of my quote. If you need a rush job, I may be able to accommodate for an additional fee. Please contact me to discuss the specifics of your project.
  • How much will it cost to have my piece upholstered?
    Upholstery costs will depend on the type, size, and shape of the piece, as well as the methods and materials used. In general, traditional upholstery services cost more than modern methods, because it involves a more labor-intensive process and requires more expensive materials. If you want your piece to look its best, you’ll want a professional. My expertise and experience translate to high-quality products that stand the test of time. By working Tack & Tuft, you have control over the process – from choosing your own fabrics and finish, to customizing details in style (or changing the style altogether)! And you’ll be supporting a small local business in the process. Tack & Tuft offers free estimates. During the estimate process, I am happy to discuss your specific project needs and provide you with a more accurate quote for my services.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    I am passionate about the preservation trades and seek to support and promote those in pursuit of them. Therefore, students currently enrolled in a full-time furniture making program (high school or post-secondary) receive a labor discount on upholstery services for projects made by their hands. Part-time and workshop students may also apply under certain conditions. Please inquire for details. Qualifying post-secondary schools include, but are not limited to: North Bennet Street School – Boston, MA Center for Furniture Craftsmanship – Rockport, ME Vermont Woodworking School – Cambridge, VT Rhode Island School of Design – Providence, RI Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking – Manchester, CT
  • What are your payment terms?
    As with most trades, I take a 50% deposit at the time of the order and the remaining 50% on delivery of the finished piece. If I am providing the fabric for you, I also ask that 100% of the cost of fabric be paid upfront. I currently accept Cash or Check only, although additional payment methods may be available in the future. If paying by check, I will not be able to order the fabric until the check has cleared.
  • I’m an upholstery hobbyist/student and I need a small amount of (insert item here), but I can only buy it in bulk from my local upholstery supplier. Can I buy some from you?"
    Oh, I’ve been there. If you live nearby and can pick-up, I may be able to work something out. Just fill out the contact form or send me an email outlining your need. Delivery and shipping are not available for this service.
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